this weblog has been originaly created as a practical project for CALL course in Tehran payam nour univesty under supervision of Dr. Soleymani , but it is going to give you services in the second grade of junior high school text book.

Mohammad Nasimfar


computer assisted language learning

a diffeent choice

CALL Computer Assisted Language Learning


dialouge tests

پاسخ مناسب بر اي سوالات زير بيابيد .

1- What time is it ?                          a) thank you .                         

2- What colour is it ?                       b) It is green .

3-is there a pen on the desk ?        c) It is 6 o'clock .

4- here you are .                        d) No , there isn't



 1-  Have you a pen?                                        A) It is Ali's

  2-  Here you are                                                B) yes, I have

3-  Whose car is it?                                             C) Thank you

  4- Are these cats white?                              D) No, they aren't  

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